Thursday, 1 August 2019

Facing An Error 54 When Sync With iTunes? Take Apple Support

When you are trying to sync data between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer through iTunes, you may encounter an iTunes error code 54. An alert message saying “The iOS device cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)” will be shown on your screen. To get rid of this issue, you need to obtain reliable Apple Support from deft connoisseurs. They will assist you the entire procedure of annihilation such an error issue from your iOS device at an affordable cost.
An iTunes Error 54 appears when a file on the computer or iPhone is locked or unable to open. In most cases, the content won't sync such kind of problem happens. And you can try to restart your computer and your iOS device to cope-up this error but unfortunately not getting success. So, if it is not helpful, don't panic. You can continue solving the problem by using further solutions below. But before than that, make sure you are having the latest version of iTunes and the latest software updates for your device.

Causes Of An iTunes Error 54

When you have a better knowledge of what causes the iTunes error 54, you can easily eliminate the problem. So, just have a glimpse on the noted points:

  •          The content trying to transfer might be incompatible with your computer or iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  •          An iPhone/iPad/iPod is not updated to the latest version of operating system.
  •          An iTunes is not upgraded to the latest version.
  •          The file on your computer/iOS device is being chocked.
  •          Process is stopped via third-party security software.
  •          The content is too much to be synced at a time.

Solutions To Fix An Error 54 When Sync With iTunes

There are several advanced couple of solutions to repair iTunes error 54 issues. Try the steps mentioned below:

Solution 1: Update Your iOS Device To The Latest Version

An unknown error iTunes error 54 is being caused by a system bug. Hence, it is better to upgrade your iTunes to the latest version and iPhone/iPad/iPod to the latest iOS for making this issue eradicated.

  •          Upgrade iTunes: Launch iTunes on PC and go to “Help” > “Check for Updates” > “Download iTunes”.
  •          Upgrade iOS Device:Open “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” > “Download and Install”

Solution 2: Run iTunes As An Administrator

If you're using your computer as someone other than an administrator, you might not able to try some features or access some programs. Therefore, it's worth trying to open and run iTunes as an Administrator.Do it by following the given instructions:

  •          Locate iTunes on your computer or find it with menu panel
  •          Right click on the iTunes app
  •          Select “Run as administrator”

Solution 3: Remove PDF Files From The Process

You might perhaps not aware that PDF is not supported on iOS device while syncing PDF files from computer to iBooks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.So, it is better to covert PDF files into EPUB files before you start syncing with your device.

Dial Apple Support Number If Yet Unable To Fix iTunes Error 54

In case you are not skilled enough to read this blog and exterminate your problematic hurdle, then make an instant call at Apple Support Number . It is our 24/7 accessible helpline number where you will be in touch with dexterous technicians. They will proffer you right direction to deal with such issuein a limited time period.

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